Taras Shevchenko
National University
of Kyiv

Faculty of Chemistry

analytical chemistry dept.

We have created this website ourselves, and we did our best to make it both helpful and interesting. The information you can find here is concerned with the topics of analytical chemistry, particularly, with the new decisions of some complicated problems of ecoanalysis, quality control of foodstuffs, pharmaceutical etc. We hope our website to be useful both for experienced chemists and students.

Welcome to the website of
Prof. Zaporozhets research group!

Leader - Prof., Ph. D. (Dr. Sc.)

Olga A. Zaporozhets
analytical chemistry dept.
Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Chemistry

Is it interesting for you?

- how can we determine heavy metal at trace levels without spending $200.000 for a ICP-MS spectrometer?

- is there something better than benzene, chloroform and other "parfums"?

- What test-methods do you know except those for pregnance and glucose in blood?

- What conclusions can an analyst do when yellow is getting blue, and blue is getting yelow?

- How the sand from a beach and the hyphenated spectroscopy are related?

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