Projects we are interested to take part in

Development of:

nanomaterials on the base of non-covalently modified silica, and nanotubes, for heterogenous catalysis

the methods of the investigation of element speciation in waters abd biological fluids, for the evaluation of the therapeutical effect of pharmaceuticals and mineral waters

the methods of analysis of biological fluids (i.g. blood, urine) for the needs of clinical analysis and toxicological chemistry

test-methods for the quality control of water, foodstuffs, beverages, pharmaceuticals and petroleum products

express-methods and means (i.g. sensors, detectors, ion-selective electrodes) for the ecoanalytical monitoring of water, soils, and atmosphere

hyphenated sorption-ETAAS and sorption-chemiluminescent methods for the determination of organic and inorganic toxicants

Investigation of:

the mechanism of catalytic homo- and heterophase reactions

the complexation in solution and at the "sorbent/solution" interface

We are interested, in particular, in the international projects according to
The Seventh Framework Programme for research and technological development (FP7) of EU (2007-2013)

research interests

main achievements in science

key publications

methods and instruments