Research interests

Organic reagents
and their complexes
immobilized by adsorption
on the surface of
high-dispersed silica

Chemistry of the interface interactions:
"modifying agent solution/
silica surface" and "metal salt solution/modifying agent immobilized on silica"

Analytical and complexing properties of the solid-phase reagents as a function of the sorbent surface properties, the nature of the modifier and the mechanism of its fixing on the surface

Development of the hyphenated sorption- and chromato-spectroscopic methods using:

absorption and emission molecular spectroscopy

kinetic and chemiluminescent methods

voltammetric methods

AAS and ETAAS-spectrometry, in particular, solid-phase ETAAS

Development of the new SOLID-PHASE REAGENTS for:

the control of the organic substances (i.g. ascorbic acid, analgin, catecholamines, hydrazine) contents in various objects

heavy metal, metalloid
and bioactive element (in particular, selenium and phosphorus) contents in environmental and biological objects, foodstuff and pharmaceuticals

determination of the
in biological liquids
and means of hygiene

evaluation of total quality criteria, in particular,
total antioxidant activity
of herbal products

speciation of metals and bioactive elements in natural waters

main achievements in science

key publications

methods and instruments

projects we are interested to take part in